Kimmy's road

Kimmy's road

My personal journey from being human to the being the best human I can be...

This is not the end but the begining…

Hello you special someone,

i'm glad you're reading this and hope you find some strenght in my story.

I'm a young woman of 24 and I'm just about to start my personal road of recovery. Last wensday morning I tried to rid myself of the burden that life can be.

Since then I've been running circles inside my own mind. Not knowing where to go and hide , or where to go and do something about it. The only thing that helps to clear my mind is writing.

So that's what I'm gonna do , even if nobody reads this, it's out there. My words and thoughts are still around and very present in this world.

For now that's enough...

Hopefully this will help me,

And maybe in time someone else too,

Much love,


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