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Kimmy's road

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As my therapist told me, after a while when you tried to kill yourself, people will get over it. I guess they get used to you being around again. And that’s the fucked up truth.

So when someone you thought was always there for you betrays you. And doesn’t even notice your pain… It hurts as fuck.

There was a moment I wanted to kill myself again. I was fed up with life again. But when I was looking for a shoulder to cry on or a good talk, I was left standing in the cold.

And still I put aside my anger. I try to put away my tears and listen to my friend. I try to console him, give my friend the attention my friend needs and wants. I want to be the adult, I will be te best friend I can be. I will be the friend, like the one I need right now. I will give myself up one last time. But after this I’m done.

Someone who doesn’t see your pain. And only thinks about him/herself isn’t worth your pain.

So I will give, I will love, I will laugh , one last time at him/her. And then I will leave this person to find his/her happiness. Without me. Because some things can’t be forgiven.

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