Kimmy's road

Kimmy's road

My personal journey from being human to the being the best human I can be...

The road

Hey you special person,

As I’m getting near the day that marks the quarter century I’m walking this earth…

Things are getting quite emotional for me. It seems so long that my journey has taken me. So many things in live I’ve already explored and still so many things I still have to explore! I’ve lost two friends due to suicide, I’ve seen people OD, I’ve witnessed voilence, I’ve been raped and abused. I’ve loved and had my heart broken. I’ve been bullied and soon I will have been married. I’ve tried to study. I’ve tried to find my way. I’ve been lost so many times. But all of this has shaped me.

I know finaly realise that there is always one person in life you can always fall back to. And that’s yourself. That inner voice inside you is irreplaceble. I finaly dare to take pride in the road I’ve talen. I dare to admit that I am a strong willed woman with her own opinions and these matter. And that I just should be my crazy own self. You can calls this the recognision of my own self, ego or being selfish. But I need to start living only for me.

The road had not been easy, as it never is, for no one. But I will get there, just me. And in the end I will get there, with my own house. My own stories and my own beautiful memories and life to live.

The road is still long but I will walk it dancing.

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