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Kimmy's road

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Hey you,

Every night just a little bit more …

Comes the feeling of tiredness…

The wanting, to fall asleep and never wake up again.

Every day the realisation hits me.

The feeling of loneliness.

I give so much love , effort , to everyone.

But still I’m not happy.

At least you are.

The people who I think care, do not care.

The one I think takes care, won’t.

And everything stays as it is.

I try and try, but day after day , I feel the darkness more.

Love turns into hate.

Expections not met creates desgust.

And everything in life keeps on going.

I’m not important.

I’m not really here.

I’m just a ghost of who I used to be, trapped in the prison of her own mind.

And you don’t even see , you don’t even notice, you go on, …

So move on , go on , be happy,…

You won’t even notice when I’m gone.

Even now when you lay next to me you sleep.

Not noticing what I want to do, what eventually I might do.

Stay strong my head whispers,

My heart laughs, empty , no more tears left

Soon I will not break, but shatter

And then , I too can lay my head to rest

Love always,


1 gedachte over “Pain

  1. Walking on darknes
    Not seeing the light
    Still walking in darkness
    While it is bright outside
    Looking great when thinking with mind
    But the darkness is of a differend kind
    From deep within
    It makes my soul so thin
    I chould take care of me first
    But than my soul could die from hunger and thirst
    So afraid of being alone
    It hurts
    It hurts
    I can fiel it in every bone
    It makes me numb
    Don’t feel outside
    But want to with all my might

    We love you
    Want you need you
    To be in our lives

    You are one of the core reasons of my existence
    Love you with all my hart


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