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My connection with pokemon GO.

Hello stranger, friend or lover, Not all my blogposts need to be about my own thoughtproces or about my suicide attempt. So here it goes … As some of you know I’m kind of addicted to Pokémon GO. Wich is kind of strange because as a kid, I never watched the anime or played the games. But I’m a very active person and when, due to an injury, you aren’t able to do sports, it is nice alternative. So it began with the hype of last summer and ended arround october. But then Niantic wisely, decided to up the game with certain events. We’ve had the christmas event with the Gen 1 starters, the valentines event, easter event, grass rock-type event and finaly the fire-event. And of course the release of Gen 2. All nice events to keep people playing, and by then I was turning from a casual player into a daily player.  But towards summer ’17 I noticed I was becomming quite obsessed with the game, checking IV’s of my pokemon, trying to really catch them all. Playing the game more then once a day , and sometimes walking around for hours playing this,quite repetitive, game. I was trying to escape, still am. Everytime I accomplished something like catching a rare pokemon, it felt like a accomplished something in real life, I took pride in it. And this is when (video) games (wich I play quit often) become dangerous. When you are walking around, or now with my

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