Kimmy's road

Kimmy's road

My personal journey from being human to the being the best human I can be...

Why this blog?

Why this blog...

I've started this blog, purely for myself.
To write about my life and especially my own emotions.
To write about the things I'm passionate about and to write about the stuff I really care about.

When and why I started this blog...

Honesty is important, so here it goes. On the 23th of august 2017 I tried to take my own life. I was so tired of it all and decided to take the most self-centered and 'cowardly' action I could think off. However I am convinced that weak people can't commit to suicide but I will discuss this in another blog. 

My emotions overwhelmed me and I started therapy not so soon after. In this road towards healing a friend of mine said 'If writing helps, you should do that'. So I took his words to heart and started writing. And in doing so I hope to get a little grip on my own mind and hopefully help people who have experienced or are experiencing something similar. 

What you should really really know when you would like to comment on this blog...

Most people say stuff like 'I hope my blog is read by a lot of people' or 'I don't care about the haters'.

But I personally do care... I would gain strenght in knowing that by sharing my road from 'wanting to kill myself' and being emotional (wich is in fact very human) to a functional human being that helps make our society and world a little better. So yeah, read and if you like, comment.

But know that I really care ... and that at the moment I started this blog, I'm emotional and unstable, so if you would, be a little bit careful what you write.